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Arid Zone Trees All of our plants meet or exceed the minimum requirements of the American Standard for Nursery Stock (ANSI Z60.1)



Air Quality, Heat Islands & Trees

Alternative Planting Methods

Arboreal Schizophrenia "Why AZT doesn't Graft"

AZT Root Management

Best Trees for Parking Lots

Climate Zone Maps For Desert Trees

Clone verse Seed

Cold Hardiness of Desert Plants

Cold Injury 2007

Cultural Practices

Desert Spring Landscape Preparation

Desert Trees and Sustainability

Desert Tree Fertilization

Desert Trees Form and Structure

Desert Trees in Turf Areas

Drought and Water Conservation

Health and Community Benefits of Landscape Trees

How Desert Trees Grow

Identifying Causes of Unhealthy Trees

Insect Pests of Desert Trees

Irrigating Boxed Trees

Irrigation Practices for Desert Trees

Maintaining Healthy Crowns

Matching Caliper to Box Size for Quality Control


Mistletoe and Desert Trees

Mycorrhizae and Desert Trees

Naturalizing Desert Tree Species

Nitrogen Fixation and Desert Trees

On site & Transplant Irrigation

Organic Soil Amendments

Planting for the Future

Planting for the Future Revised November 2016

Preventing Damage To Boxed Trees

Preventing Wind-throw

Proper Planting Depth and Pruning

Pruning Desert Trees

Pruning Arid Region Trees II

Pruning Arid Region Trees III

Pruning Practices for Desert Trees-2000

Pruning Practices for Desert Trees-2006

Pruning Tools: Care, Use and Selection

Quality Control: Principles and Practices

Quality and the "New Normal"

Reflecting Heat and Desert Trees

Root and Soil Failure

Sap Excreting from Tree Trunk/ Branches

Seed and Vegetative Propagation

Single verse Multi Trunk Trees

Soil Compaction and Tree Growth

Soil Types and Organic Amendments

Spider Mites and Witches Broom

Staking Desert Trees

Summer Transition and Tree Establishment

Thorns and Pedestrians

Trees in Drought

Tree Irrigation Practices

Tree Placement Max Cooling and Energy Savings

Tree Placement

Tree Root Establishment in the Landscape

Trees and Cold Hardiness

Tree Structure Terms

What's in a Name

Winter Injury in Desert Landscapes


Disclaimer: The information provided here was gathered from research literature published by the University of Arizona, other professional Landscape and Horticultural organizations and our experience at Arid Zone Trees. Always consult local landscape experts for recommendation for your specific area.

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