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Acacia xanthophloea

Fever Tree

Foliage: Semi-Evergreen

Mature Height: 30’ - 45’

Mature Width: 30’ - 45'

Growth Rate: Fast

Hardiness: 25 degrees F

Exposure: Full Sun

Leaf Color: Green

Shade: Filtered

Flower Color:  Yellow

Flower Shape: Ball

Flower Season: Spring

Thorns: Yes

Propagation Method: Seed

Sizes Available: #25


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Acacia xanthophloea (Fever-tree Acacia) is a low elevation South African medium to tall tree growing along or in water. The beauty of this tree comes from the clusters of 10 yellow ball flowers. Pieces of the magnificent, smooth, greenish-yellow bark flake off as the tree matures, giving an interesting, colorful pattern to the trunk. This very fast growing tree is sensitive to cold below 25 degrees F. The common name comes from the misunderstanding of early settlers  who thought  the tree was the carrier of the malaria fever. Because the tree grew in swamp areas conducive to malaria  mosquito's, people associated the fever with the tree. The tree is armed with white straight spines up to two and a half inches long. For someone who is a tree collector and has the space and protection from temperatures below 25 degrees F.  This is an addition you will want to plant.

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