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Acacia trachycarpa

Sweet-Scented Minnieritchie

Foliage: Evergreen

Mature Height: 10’ - 18’

Mature Width: 10’ - 18’

Growth Rate: Moderate

Hardiness: 25 degrees F

Exposure: Full Sun

Leaf Color: Green

Shade: Filtered

Flower Color:  Yellow

Flower Shape: Rod Shape

Flower Season: Spring

Thorns: None

Propagation Method: Seed

Sizes Available: Not in Production


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Acacia trachycarpa (Sweet-Scented Minnieritchie) is an arid to tropical Australian  tree ideal for planting in frost free regions. Cold damage or death can occur at temperatures below 25 degrees F. The trunk has a curling , 'minni ritchi' bark texture with a pine scent very unique and interesting for an arid type tree. The leaf, made up of soft, pine needle-like, narrow phyllodes 1/2 to 2 inches long that are very graceful in the breeze. In bloom, during the spring, a yellow, rod shaped flower brightens up the landscape.

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