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Acacia nebrownii

Water Acacia


Foliage: Semi-Evergreen

Mature Height: 15’ - 20’

Mature Width: 15’ - 20’

Growth Rate: Moderate

Hardiness: 18 degrees F

Exposure: Full Sun

Leaf Color: Green

Shade: Dense

Flower Color:  Golden-Yellow

Flower Shape: Ball

Flower Season: Spring

Thorns: Yes

Propagation Method: Seed

Sizes Available: Not in production


Acacia nebrownii (Water Acacia) is a dense spiny shrub to small tree in South Africa that can reach heights of 20 feet. It typically growing at low elevations in dry grassland and scrub areas along dry water courses forming thickets. The bark is a reddish smooth color with young branches yellowish to orange. White thorns up to two inches long protect wild life nesting within the branches. In bloom a beautiful display of golden yellow balls fill the tree. In Namibia sightings of A. nebrownii hint at underground water, thus the common name 'Water Acacia'.

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