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Acacia estrophiolata


Foliage: Evergreen

Mature Height: 25’ - 45’

Mature Width: 15’ - 25'

Growth Rate: Slow

Hardiness: 15 degrees F

Exposure: Full Sun

Leaf Color: Pale Green

Shade: Filtered

Flower Color:  Cream to Pale Yellow

Flower Shape: Ball

Flower Season: Spring

Thorns: No

Propagation Method: Seed

Sizes Available: #25


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Acacia estrophiolata (Ironwood) is a graceful tree from Australia with a spreading crown and when mature a weeping habit. As a young tree it has rigid branches and short straight leaves (phyllodes) in clusters. The trees characteristics morph as it matures with a weeping pendulous branching structure and the leaves are longer and not clustered. Its pale green foliage blends well with our southwestern native habitat. A heavy bloom in the spring of pale yellow ball flowers brightens the landscape. This is a useful long-lived drought and frost tolerant shade and street tree when planted in well drained soils in arid landscapes. This tree experienced no damage at 15 degree F. (below 25 degree F. for 11 hours) in our nursery.


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